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We are Paul and Sylvie, a Canadian couple hooked on world travel.  We have created Passport Footnotes as a means to share our story with friends, family and the global community of flashpackers, backpackers and travellers.  How are we different from the other thousands of travelling bloggers? Perhaps we are less experienced than the others and often do things the hard way.. through trial and error.  Maybe we make more mistakes than the others and get into more tight situations, testing our comfort levels and making for better stories.

We’ve been taking backpacking trips every summer for the past 5 years and have covered Central America and parts of South East Asia. This year though, we have quit our jobs and set out on the longest quest of our lives .. we’re hoping to make it a year.

We write, we take lots of photos, and recently we have been dabbling with video. If honesty and candor are qualities you appreciate, we might be right up your alley. A simple couple from Canada exploring the globe .. Have a look, have a read .. leave some feedback or ask a question. Enjoy!

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